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Music Examples

The IAS music examples page demonstrates a few links that when clicked will create a small pop-up box with which contains a music player and the popup box will not disappear until the “close” is clicked. I have placed a few national Anthems and a few tunes that I like  e.g.  “Waltzingmatilda”

Check your Biorhythm to day

Click the biorhythm link above and enter your date of birth in the page that appears It will tell you how many days you have lived and show a chart of the ups and downs of your emotional flow for the month IE. Your Mental, Physical, & Emotional flow. If your feeling relay down, check your biorhythm and you can bet your chart will show you at a low.  The chart will show you when to expect your best days.

Search Engine Submission Page

Submit your web pages to search engines without the hassle of wasting hours of looking for the link in search engine directories.

The Oxford Dictionary Thesaurus

The Oxford Dictionary Thesaurus. Ask Oxford. Learn terminology, sharpen your grammar, and even play some cool word games. It's nice to find out what new words and phrases are being added to dictionaries and where words originated from,

To Days World Currency Exchange rates

The given values on this site are gathered from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York daily, representing the 12 noon buying rates and the International Monetary Fund, according to their availability.

Free Security Download 152kb 1 minute to download
It is known that after deleting files in Windows, they can be restored (since the information on the disk is not deleted until it is written over, until then it is marked as free blocks on your hard drive). [This programme] securely deletes file data located in free disk space. After that, the restoring of the information becomes impossible." Ensure your confidential and private data is completely deleted.

some links to a few pages we have done Shopping cart DEMO web site with a secure ordering page. Try it, select a couple of items, place the order, input a dummy credit card number (you wont be charged I promise you) If you are thinking of selling you products on the web then call me. show me a bonified quote and I will be 40% cheaper Consultants for Mining,Exploration & Investments A web site that sell Framed prints of Australian Memorabilia. This site has thousands of memorabilia images for sale. Stamp Dealer from Sydney Australia   Auto repair (New invention )       An international dart league recording program A Full Demo site example
(about bulk email) Some innovative features used here. Puncture Prevention Product A swimming pool construction company. Holiday house for rent on the Island of Koh Samui A Perth WA Television & Video repair company

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