Web Page Design & Web-hosting With100meg disk space   1 Year package deal! ($10.00 month,) paid annually($120)

       Web page maintenance: Alterations, Deletions, Extra Pages etc. All at $25 per hour.

   Special Offer! Free Hosting & Domain Name for 1 year
         With every Site we design over $495(7 to 10 pages )

 Also unlimited email and aliases addresses, 100meg disk space, plus much more

2 to 3 Pages US$150

+ up to 4 images per page

Your complete web site
starter pages.

4 to 6 Pages US$250

+ up to 4 images per page

7 to 10 Pages US$395

+ up to 4 images per page




Sending payments by Pay Pal is free. Pay Pal has over 17 million members world wide If extras required send e-mail

We show our prices
You know what you will pay before we start.
 If we make a mistake, thats our problem not yours.



Additional images are $7 each this includes scanning if necessary and reducing the image kb size for quicker web downloading

No limit to the number of hyperlinks from your web page


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Unlimited E-mails and Alias’s address plus 5 Auto responders for each domain name


Click here for a (small) sample pop-up

Pop up boxe’s (made to size) triggered by “click on” or “mouseover” on image or text. $10 each + image charge
(if images used in pop up. )

Search Engine Submission

Your web site will be submitted to the 12 major search engines who control 95% of web searches.

Shopping trolly


if you have many products to sell. Shopping trolleys can be placed on your site  with automatic credit card clearance.
If you don’t have merchant facilities for clearing credit cards we can arrange all that for you

This facility is provided free by PayPal your only charges are PayPals very good banking fees and our charges for setting up the shopping trollies on your web page. You must have a currant credit card to use this facility.

Tailor made order forms $25 to $150 depending on the complexity.

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website & domain name
   package deal!

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Many, Many other nice features are included with our budget pricing