Take your time to read this page and by the end you will know if a web page will benefit you.

I think you know why you want a web page, otherwise you would not be reading this.

I will tell you what I tell others.  If your in Business you probably have a business card and it tells people who you are and what you do. 
A web page is much the same but it is also a resume of your company where prospective customers can read in greater detail what you have to offer and they can also see many photos of your products and may order online or send you an email.

At IAS-WebDesign we create professional web sites that not only look great, but get noticed. Our individual created web sites are designed from the ground up . We donít use templates.

We show our prices and a few of the sites we have done.
You know the price you will pay before we start. If we make a mistake, thatís our problem not yours

Another reason why Internet advertising is the way of the future look at how many people view the search engines daily and monthly.

Alta Vista generates over 50 million searches per day
America Online has more than 23 million members
Lycos and Hotbot have more than 65 million users
Lycos has more than 30 million unique users each month

No other media can provide potential coverage for the dollar like the World Wide Web.
Whether local, national or international, the  coverage for the dollar cost is so small to reach the millions for Web viewers.
The Web growth is said to be doubling each year. Not only is it a powerful way to advertise, but  provides instant access of your service or product to potential clients.

Marketing a Web Site consists of some basic steps.

Contact all those who have a relationship with you and advise them of your Web Site.

Always place the address of your Web Site in any and all advertisements and outgoing letters.

Create teaser ads to direct people to your Web Site.

Register your Web Site with search engines and directories. repeat this at least once a week, we will do the first submission for you, this is in our price. a small fee would be charged for weekly submissions.

For target marketing, advertise your Web site in Internet magazines, or your local newspaper if you only sell locally .

If you're new to the web and you need a presence on the web with a minimum investment this is for you! Our one page web site has space for lots of text and up to 3 photos for only $50.

Our One Page site has the following features: Only US$150


tell the world about your product or service and what it can do for your customers.

Service Overview:

introduce your top products or services                 

About us:

This will have some company history, and whatever you would like to tell your clients about yourself.

Up to 3 photos:

We will ensure they download quickly by reducing the image KB density


A price list page if required

Contact us:

A contact page with details and perhaps a map of how a customer can find you or contact you.

Still unsure as to why you should have a Web Page?

Statistics are telling us that within a few years one out of two people will be on the Internet
looking for information. Eventually, televisions will be purchased with an Internet connection as a standard feature. The public is already beginning to expect the convenience of Internet information. a percentage of all these people are potential customers

If we thought about it, we could probably think of more reasons to initiate a Web Site. However, the following are highlights worth pointing out.

A Web Site helps:
Establish a readily accessible Local National or a even global presence at a very low cost.

Offers your customers and clients another way of doing business because of this accessibility
Share important business information easily and quickly.

Allow customers to do business with you at their own pace in their own home.
Generate a greater awareness about your company and its products and services.

Provide public-relations materials, press releases and other information to keep the public informed.
Create a central information bank to keep all those involved in your company informed.

Create an extremely powerful and inexpensive way to advertise

Create a way to reach more people with less money.
Offer high impact presentations to sell yourself and your products.
Provide a way to answer frequently asked questions while saving time and money in customer service         (By placing an FAQ page on your web site)

Provide 24-hour accessibility.

Offer a means to make people more comfortable to approach you from the comfort of their own office.
Create a powerful means of passive advertising.

A way to build your name and name recognition.

Provide beautiful pictures which are easily accessible. They say a picture is worth a thousand words
Create state of the art media to establish a professional presence.
Everyone will have different reasons for creating a Web Site; the points mentioned above are just a few.
There is one more reason:  Its just the Cool thing to do.

What do you answer when a business associate asks ď Do you have a Web site ?Ē